RoboJets on the Ouya!

I forgot to post up here a month ago, RoboJets is available on the Ouya. I figured Ouya would be a good spot for the game, as local multiplayer is pretty popular on that marketplace. It hasn’t done very well, I’ve been swamped and didn’t do any marketing or press releases. I think the Ouya market is dying out too. I’m pretty happy how the game turned out though, it’s super fast-paced and awesome.

If interest ever picks up in this game, I’ve got a pretty rad campaign mode planned that would be the current 4 player RoboJets gameplay with a mix of Luftrausers, Warning Forever, & Bosconian. It’s be like a 1-4 player coop game where the players have to defeat waves of enemy ships, eventually progressing all the way to fighting entire carrier groups and motherships. That would make for a much better PC release 🙂 Like I said though, interest in RoboJets has been pretty low and I don’t have the time & resources to run a greenlight or kickstarter campaign right now, so probably have to shelve it for now. Moving on to bigger and better projects.

Anyway, hope you enjoy RoboJets on the Ouya. Cheers!


Opposites available on Ouya!

Opposites is available up on the Ouya storefront!  Go download it and try it out, if you like the full version is only three bucks.  This is a really good version, the controls are really tight and the scoring and game play has been cleaned up a lot.  Thanks yall!

I’m an old school XNA programmer, so I did it in MonoGame, which is an open source version of XNA.  It was pretty painless, but there were a few quirks to watch out for.  I’ve got a bunch of MonoGame wrappers up on my GitHub account:

The whole Ouya community has been great too.  I even talked to some of the Ouya folks, who helped me out with a problem.  Coming from Xbox Live Indie Games and Microsoft’s super “hands off” approach to that whole scene, actually talking to someone from Ouya was really awesome.  The players & other devs have been really great too, so far it’s been a really positive experience.  The numbers aren’t great, but a lot of that is my fault.  I did like a “stealth launch” and just threw Opposites up there without sending out press releases or anything, so it’s been in the tail end of the Sandbox not really getting a lot of downloads.  That’ll probably pick up once it gets out in the real storefront though.  People that have downloaded it though, conversation rate has been right around 5% too, I couldn’t be happier.  For a three dollar downloadable title, that’s amazingly high.

Anyway, I’m just glad that it’s out there, and people are having fun with it.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you totally should.  Cheers!