BulletML for C# and Monogame

This is a thing I’ve been workin on for awhile… Kenta Cho from ABA Games made a scripting language for bullet hell shooters a few years ago called BulletML. It’s pretty cool stuff. You can just write up an XML doc with the BulletML grammar and load it up in a parser and start shooting bullets all over the place. Even better, there are hundreds of examples out on teh internet that you can use.

There hasn’t been a very good C# port of BulletML… I found a pretty crummy one up on Github, tore it apart and put it back together. It’s quite a bit cleaner, more comments, better error checking, uses more of the features of C# and less of a straight port from the original C implementation ect etc

The sample program is up on github: BulletMLQuickStart

If you just want the BulletML parser it can also be found on github: BulletML

note that all the solution & project files are for Monogame & Xamarin Studio… eventually there will be Linux and Android ports. Way in the future might be Mac & IOS ports, but I don’t have access to a Mac for that 😛

Porting to Visual Studio and XNA will be left as an exercise for the reader 😉

It still needs a bit of work… the homing missile bits don’t seem to work quite right in all the examples, and it shoots more bullets than it should. It could also benefit from some better exception handling & error reporting.