RoboJets on the Ouya!

I forgot to post up here a month ago, RoboJets is available on the Ouya. I figured Ouya would be a good spot for the game, as local multiplayer is pretty popular on that marketplace. It hasn’t done very well, I’ve been swamped and didn’t do any marketing or press releases. I think the Ouya market is dying out too. I’m pretty happy how the game turned out though, it’s super fast-paced and awesome.

If interest ever picks up in this game, I’ve got a pretty rad campaign mode planned that would be the current 4 player RoboJets gameplay with a mix of Luftrausers, Warning Forever, & Bosconian. It’s be like a 1-4 player coop game where the players have to defeat waves of enemy ships, eventually progressing all the way to fighting entire carrier groups and motherships. That would make for a much better PC release 🙂 Like I said though, interest in RoboJets has been pretty low and I don’t have the time & resources to run a greenlight or kickstarter campaign right now, so probably have to shelve it for now. Moving on to bigger and better projects.

Anyway, hope you enjoy RoboJets on the Ouya. Cheers!

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