Pajamorama 1.1 Update

Hey yall!  The Pajamorama 1.1 update has been submitted for peer review:


I’m super excited about this update, the trial mode should be a lot smoother experience and the gameplay should be much crunchier.

There are a ton of improvements in this update:


-Game is much faster

-characters do more damage

-minor balancing (Olive and Apple slightly nerfed, Sashimi and Merlot slightly buffed)

-Tutorial available on main menu

-Better level select menu

-All players now have 3 lives with a 3 minute time limit to games

-AI is significantly harder

-fixed Apple throw

-fixed high jump

-mutliplayer improvements, including potential crashes and (hopefully) lag fixes


Make sure to follow me on the twitters @the_dannobot for updates when the new version goes live.

I’ve got a bunch 0f codes left too, holla if you are games press or run a blog or whatever.  I’ll hook you up if you want to do a review or giveaway or whatever.





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