Pajamorama: Advanced combo techniques

Hey yall!  Here’s some details about the combo engine in Pajamorama.  You may have noticed it is really easy to do combos, but when you really know what you’re doing you can do some cool stuff.  You’re gonna need to know all this info if you ever run into me online 😉  If you’ve ever played fighting games before some of these concepts might be familiar, but I’ll try to break it down for new players.


So basically, here’s the easy way to do combos in Pajamorama:  Once you hit another character with an attack, start mashing all your attack buttons.  Pajamorama is smart enough to parse through all that input and find something cool for your character to do 🙂  Nearly every other fighting game out there requires precise timing and input strings, but Pajamorama is made to be super easy, so I took all that stuff out.


So a low level explanation of how that works: whenever the player enters an attack on the controller, it is put into a list in memory.  Every attack in the game has a time gap at the end called a “recovery phase” where the character is no longer attacking or doing anything.  If the attack missed, this is an excellent opportunity for other players to counter attack.  If the attack connected with another character, once the character enters the recovery phase the game will go to that list in memory and check if any attacks in there can be comboed into.   If it finds one, it will “cancel” the recovery phase and go straight into the new attack.  This lets you hit other players with several attacks before they can hit you back.


That was super technical!  If you didn’t quite understand that, don’t worry, here’s the part that will make you a better player.  All the characters have the same combo chain.  Any attack can be cancelled into an attack further down the chain:














The combo chain is a bit different for each character though.  Most characters can’t combo throws (usually forward+strong), and some characters have special stances that have their own combo chains.  Also the special attacks might be ordered differently between characters.  Usually the character’s projectile attack is at the end of the combo chain.

If that stuff looks too complicated, just try to mash those buttons as fast as possible when an attack hits and you should be able to figure out some comobos by watching what your character does.

Hope this helps your pajamorama skills!  Next I’ll break down each character and their strategies, starting with Apple.

Have a Pajamoramally weekend!  Cheers!


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