Pajamorama Basics

Hey yall!  So Pajamorama has been out for a few days now, and people have mentioned that there is no in game tutorial explaining all the details of gameplay.  When I was developing Pajamorama, I thought to myself “This game is super easy, I don’t need to put in a tutorial.”  Well, the feedback is in, and I was wrong 😦  I’ll try to dig into some of the details of gameplay, starting with the basics like controls and the combo engine, moving into character strategies and more advanced tactics.


First, the goal of this game is to knock the other characters off the board.  You do this by hitting them with attacks or throwing them, which adds to the damage % up in the HUD.  The higher the damage, the farther the character will fly when they are hit.  This might sound familiar, it is very similar to how the smash series of fighting games works.  One of the differences between Pajamorama and Smash is that characters have many more movement options in the air, making recovery much easier.  In fact, if you get knocked underneath the board, every character has at least one attack move that adds enough upwards velocity to pop back up through the floor.


Next I’ll explain the controls, which are super easy.  All moves are a direction on the d-pad or left thumbstick, plus one of the face buttons.  The button scheme is as follows:

X: quick attack

A: strong attack

Y: special attack

B: defense

Each attack button has four different attacks:  button with no directional input, forward+button, down+button, and up+button.

All characters have a throw using forward+strong (A).

To block, hold down the defense (B) button with no direction held.  The only way to damage a blocking character is to throw them.

All characters have a forward dodge move that can be used to escape attacks, using forward+defense (B) button.


Hopefully these basics will help you out!   Tomorrow I’ll cover the details of the combo engine of Pajamorama.



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